Research Pedigree - 4 Generation
CH Prill's Built Ford Tough

Name:CH Prill's Built Ford Tough
AKC #:DN393088/07 09-15Breed/Variety:Australian Cattle Dog
Birth Date:03/15/2014Sex:Male
Colors/Markings:Blue Black & Tan Markings

CH Prill's Built Ford Tough
DN393088/07 09-15
Blue Black & Tan Markings
AKC DNA #V793216
Buzzards Gordy
DN245876/09 04-13
Blue Tan Markings
AKC DNA #V837619
CH Buzzards B' Moody Blues
DN145011/03 07-08
Blue Black & Tan Markings
AKC DNA #V602650
CH Buzzards Kicken'up Dust
DL796436/02 01-01
Blue Black & Tan 
AKC DNA #V199391
Buzzards Foxley Red
DL450135/04 10-97
Buzzards Bertha Sue
DL409346/04 10-94
Blue Black & Tan
CH Queblue River Meg
DN104396/01 10-05 (Australia)
Blue Black & Tan Markings
Richenda River Rustler
ANKC 1607729
Willkara Blue Fire
ANKC 1364118
Buzzards Hopilong Hanna
DN177585/04 08-09
Blue Black & Tan Markings
CH Queblue Epsilon Bootes
DN123856/01 05-06 (Australia)
Blue Black & Tan Markings
AKC DNA #V414442
Jimbablue Daewoo
ANKC 1528310
Queblue Glory
ANKC 4100071916
CH Buzzards Bells Of Holly
DN058006/01 01-06
Red Speckled Red Markings
CH Buzzards Hummer
DN007422/04 05-04
Red Speckled Red Markings
AKC DNA #V241788
Buzzards Rockn Robyn
DN010063/03 05-04
Red Mottled Red Markings
Rocking K Sara
DN289998/07 04-13
Blue Black & Tan Markings
Spader Charles M Russell
DN028230/04 11-04
Blue Black & Tan Markings
AKC DNA #V384851
Catchen Blue Apache
DL821562/04 07-01
Blue Black & Tan 
AKC DNA #V197804
CH Teddee's Hillhaven Peter Pan RN PT
DL700769/05 08-99
Blue Black & Tan 
CH Catchem Dawn Heirs Rocket
DL566221/01 04-99
Golden View Blue Lynx
DL799409/01 07-01
Blue Black & Tan
Jambo Pete's Ray O' Sun
DL388348/05 01-94
Blue Black & Tan
Golden View Blue Hawk
DL397674/06 12-94
Rewuri Cowin Keelee
DL877799/04 09-07
Blue Black & Tan Markings
SF Hilltop Rewuri Kuawarri
DL798613/01 12-00
Blue Black & Tan 
AKC DNA #V223673
DC Rewuri Blue Bogong CD
DL496208/01 03-95 (Australia)
Blue Black & Tan 
OFA27F AKC DNA #V295468
Kuawarri Blu Gurraymi
DL490273/01 09-98
Blue Black & Tan
Rocking K Rewuri Bandy
DL825312/05 08-01
Blue Speckled Tan Markings
Kuawarri Vaquero
DL733792/03 10-99
Blue Black & Tan 
AKC DNA #V162697
Hilltop Red Josey
DL751210/03 05-00

                   Absolute TLC Australian

                              Cattle Dogs​ 

~He's All About That Ford~ 

*** NEW AKC Champion***

BAER-Normal OFA# ACD-BR1337/20M-VPI
HIPS-Good OFA# ACD-3445G32M-PI
Watch out Boys... this one is HOT!!!  So Hot that he picked up 3 majors in a row, Winning 3 out of 3 days in Cleveland!  He received two 3 point majors and an amazing 5 point major!!!   This was only his second show!  Winning four out of five shows is impressive enough!!!